Infertility Causes, Tests and Treatment

What is Infertility ?

Infertility is the inability to conceive after trials over the course of a year or more.

What Causes Infertility?

There are many causes that could be in the way between you and pregnancy:

  1. Fallopian tube adhesions.
  2. Hormonal irregularity.
  3. Uterine problems: fibroids
  4. Cervical problems causing difficulty in the passage of the semen.
  5. Unexplained infertility: 20% of the cases where tests are inconclusive and no apparent reason is diagnosed.

Infertility Tests:

Your doctor may order several investigations to diagnose the reason behind the inability to conceive, including hormonal tests, and endometrial biopsy.

In addition to hysterosalpingiography to diagnose blockage in the fallopian tube. Also, endoscopy to diagnose adhesions around the fallopian tube that might have formed after a previous surgery or abdominal inflammation, or to diagnose ovarian abnormalities such as ovarian cysts.

Infertility Treatment:

  1. If the reason is fallopian tube blockage, one of the ways to treat it is through endoscopy to reconstruct any abnormalities in the reproductive system whether it was a fallopian tube blockage, endometriosis, uterine scars, or removal of ovarian cysts.
  2. Endoscopy to remove uterine fibroids, scars or fallopian tube blockage.
  3. Treating cysts medically with drugs containing metformin.
  4. IVF.
  5. Artificial Insemination.

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